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Cold packs are used after suffering a muscle injury. With one firm squeezethe unique formula will be activated which turns the pack ice cold. Thepackage design allows you to put the ice pack directly on the skin.


Size - 60 x 120 cm Beach Towel size
COMFORTABLE & SOFT - Made of High Quality Microfiber, Lightweight and Soft than Ordinary towel. Ideal for Bath, Outdoor Camping, Swimming, Sports, Yoga and Travel holiday
ABSORBENT & FAST DRYING – Microfiber towels can absorb 7 times their weight in water makes quick drying large surface and easy, This towel can be washed and reused hundred of times.
MULTI USE TOWEL - Perfect as bath towel when you swimming or bath, you also use it as Fitness Towel or yoga Towel when you at gym or at home
EASY CARE - Hand or Machine Wash is ok, Tumble Dry Medium Heat. All of fiber towels will lost softness due to long time use or cleaning, suggest to add a little fabric softener while washing
Dryfast Microfiber Towe

STARBALM Cold Packs + Dry Fast Microfiber Towel

DryFast Towel
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