• Compact for outdoor,Folds down to 1 Inch thick for ease of storage. Pops up to hold 8 Oz of liquid, hot or cold., 

Silicone Collapsible Cup

    • Made of 100% food grade silicone material,Unbreakable , soft, hygienic,beach,Heat Resistant, non-stick, flexible and easy to clean ,Transforms into a cup when you need one for taking medicine or brushing your teeth/Toothbrush Holders Suction Cup
    • Ideal for Travel & Camping trips , hiker,sports and every day use:camper, climbing shopping ,outdoor trips,park,business trip, camping, fishing etc. Lunches,barbecue, Picnics,Cycling ,meals, Sporting Events And More!
    • Compact and Telescopic ,durable ,Small volume and light weight, easy storage,Small enough to carry in your purse,backpack,bag,pocket, for in your space-saving,suitable for outdoor carrying, it can be used in temperature(-22 degree F to 428 degree F),Stable rigid base with flexible walls; Spill resistant with the lid on.
    • For cold and hot liquids:Suitable for cold drinks, tea,milk, coffee and other hot beverages., carbonated drinks and juices , Tea ,milk,drinking,is dishwasher safe, Freezer and microwave safe.Perfect for Air Travel for outdoor travel mug fishing etc. Lunches,barbecue, Picnics,Cycling ,meals, Sporting Events And More!

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