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  • Dual comparment - Keep food separated
  • Locking lid to keep food tightly sealed
  • Spork on top to provide added convenience
  • Microwave & Dish washer safe
  • Durable silicon material (BPA free)
  • Collapsible Design

Collapsible Lunch Box

  • Collapsible Lunch Box, 2 Compartment, Bento BPA Free-Silicon, Microwave/ Dishwasher Safe (950 ml)


    DUAL COMPARTMENT - Home puff Lunch Box dual compartments keep food separated, and the locking lid keeps food in the lunch box lid seals tightly. 2-compartments keep food contained to prevent sogginess.


    FORK/SPOON ON TOP - This lunch box added convenience a fork/spoon utensil is located in the lid of the container, so when lunch time comes around there is no need to go hunting for a fork or a spoon.


    MICROWAVE & DISHWASHER SAFE - This lunch box is heat them up or cool them down. Square food storage containers are built to withstand the Microwave and Dishwasher, so you can save time and use them over and over again.


    DURABLE AND SAFE MATERIAL - The food containers are made from "BPA" Free polypropylene to ensure maximum durability and safety from harmful chemicals typically found in plastic food containers. 


    COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN - The most versatile and portable lunch box in the market. This innovative collapsible design offers customers the capacity they need for lunch box without any compromise in storage space.

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